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We had spent all day trying to find a gift shop with stuff just for Kalispell. We found this one right before closing and she stayed open for us so I could find something. Very nice! And a very cute little store. I love that everything in there is made in Montana. Thank you so much for making our trip that much better!

Tonya Morrow

About Us

Misty Minnehan & Christa Jacobs


Montana is home, and family is everything.  We are Sister's-in-Law and have been for many years.  Having raised our kids in this beautiful state, has given us a passion and appreciation for  things made in Montana.  Starting our business, our goal has been to promote our work, as well as the work of talented and creative people, from all around the State..  

The love and growth of our business would not be what it is without the foundation of our family.  Our family helps in all aspects of the business, from the designing of logo's, to the amazing photography and all areas in between.

Even though we are no longer a Brick and Mortar store, we are excited to expand to an on-line store.  People are now able to shop our Website from anywhere and bring a piece of Montana home. 

Thank you for all your continued love and support!   


Shipping Address

P.O. Box 5024 Kalispell MT. 59903